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Residential & Commercial
Stucco Applicator, Maintenance & More

A Little About Us

About Six Brother's Construction, New Jersey residents in the state have trusted Mr. Vicente Julca and his team of professionals at Six Brother's Construction with their masonry, EIFS, and stucco projects. As ParexUSA certified contractors, Six Brother's provide a wide variety of construction services including brick, thin brick, stucco, and other materials.

Stucco applications and masonry projects require a unique level of skill and craftsmanship to make them truly shine. As the most visible portion of your project, attention to deal in this area is more important than almost any other component of the construction process. When you need a skilled passionate and profession stucco applicator, Six Brother's is the right choice. Vicente's passion for stucco and masonry make him and the crew at Six Brother's the premier certified stucco professionals in northern New Jersey. You won't find another masonry contractor that's as dedicated and detail-oriented.

Commercial or Residential

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As a contractor, you know the importance of working with trades that are experienced, professional, and can build a project to spec in the fastest time possible. At Six Brother's, we pride ourselves on our industry experience, professionalism, and fast turnaround. Our attention to detail is unrivaled, and we understand the challenges of completing at complex project and doing it right the first time. Stucco is usually the most visible component of a building project, and that means you want to work with a certified stucco applicator that knows how to make the face of your project as beautiful and long-lasting as the quality construction inside. Count on Six Brother's Stucco for your stucco and masonry projects.

Started as an employee in 2003 in a general construction company and started doing more just stucco work in 2005 and as Vicente became more knowledgeable in the stucco he decided to open his company in 2010 and have been in the business ever since, and he has expanded his knowledge and does concrete work as well, pavers, retaining walls, stone work

Please feel free to download our Trimright catalog which features all of our stock shapes seen on this page; feel free to click on an individual shape for larger viewing and greater detail.

SERVING New York, New Jersey, and Pennslyvania

Vicente's 18-plus years of experience in construction and masonry will ensure that your brick and stucco projects are done right the first time. After working for other masons and contractors for nearly 20 years, Vicente is now the proud owner of his own company dedicated to bringing you the best masonry and stucco services in Essex County. When you work with Vicente and his crew, you can rest assured that their dedication and skill mean you'll receive the highest level of service available. No other certified stucco specialists in the state can offer you the same level of expertise, dedication, and quality service available from Vicentre and the crew at Six Brother's. Are you ready to work with the best stucco contractors in New Jersey? Contact Six Brother's today to get an estimate for your project.